Sunset Mtn. 1/7/2013

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After sliding on slippery frozen highway and running over rocks on twisty dirt road we made it here.
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It rained here last night but no water just wet sand in the wash.
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The sun is up the temperature is up, good.
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Out from the canyon on a ridge.
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Getting closer.
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Up on the Sunset Mtn. T.C. is here but no register.
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Our group, Martha is here.
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Off the top.
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Next stop is another T.C. bump, it is in distance so far we cannot even see it.
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Smile you are on candid camera.
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Hope that bighorn can find these camouflage tanks.
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It is several ups and downs.
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Sunset Mtn. is on horizon.
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Harper Valley is bellow.
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T.C. is here somewhere John can smell it.
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There it is.
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Sun is getting down and so far we still farthest from our cars.
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John is calling Kerry; We are still here.
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It is time to check our headlamps.
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The last daylight.
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We are walking for about one hour in bouldery wash, there is no moon today.
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Party is over lets find our way back home. It was a good exhausting day.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 4 Technical: 3.6 Scenic: 3.5 El. 3700'