Split South. 1/21/2013

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Starting on Wind Caves trail.
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There are no Wind Caves here and no trail either. Elephant Knees are in background.
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Vit is deciding for a way up.
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Still not sure.
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Rocks/mud blend.
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We are still going up, where? To the High point of course.
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There is even a register here.
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Gypsum mine, still humming.
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We will follow that ridge for while.
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Another bump rest.
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Gypsum crystals.
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Red gypsum.
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John is checking his coordinates.
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That T.C. must be here or 0.4 mi south in the saddle.
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No T.C. for us, we are going down. John and Hersch are still looking.
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The end of this bulldozed road ends in big drop.
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Next stop will be that bump over there. Looks steep from here.
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Well we started to go up and it is steep.
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And it gets even steeper.
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Made it to the top. There are moon like views everywhere, interesting.
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Way down is somewhat easier.
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Since John did not make it to the top we found him some x-section marker instead.
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Shadows are getting longer. Still warm.
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Our complete group.
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We are having a celebration! Vit 300 hikes with J.S. Hiking Society. Presented by F.L.J.S. himself.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.4 Technical: 3.8 Scenic: 4 El. 2600'