Lost & Gert. 1/28/2013

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After the rains there is some mud here. Does it mean that we will have some desert flowers?
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Del Diablo, is that what is ahead?
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There will be lot of ridge walks today.
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Still some clouds west of us there was even some snow next to the highway when driving here.
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We have a strong ladies group today. They had to wait for us to catch up on Lost BM.
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It is a maze below that we will have to solve to get to Gert BM our next stop.
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This is just before we split into three different groups. Everybody has itís own idea how to get there
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We got stuck few times in dead end gullies.
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Or we got on a ridge that went nowhere.
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Finally this ridge took us over on the plateau.
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This was hiding in the register can on Gert.
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Johnís group was waiting for us here for about one hour. Where is Vitís group are they lost?
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Fly by. This is not prince Harry like last time.
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Fortunately that bird didnít drop anything on us.
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Those two ridges over there, we will climb over and on the top.
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Desert mushroom.
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How can we get over this?
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It is a maze.
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That looks Diablo scary.
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We all made it to the top but is there a way down?
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It was steep down so we had to be spaced due to loose rocks.
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Almost back at our cars.
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We are here but Vitís group is nowhere and no radio contact either.
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We are here all now, but where is Susan hiding?

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.5 Technical: 4.3 Scenic: 4 El. 1500'