Piedras Grandes. 2/4/2013

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It is a nice warm day today. We are going into those big rocks.
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We are watching, they are looking.
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That T.C must be here, not!
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There is a new forest there. Forest of windmills.
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Here is Pedro from France looking at these rocks.
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Oops, Hersch is being attended to. Was he scalped we are in Indian Territory?
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Does that finger state that Richard done it or that he is O.K.?
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Hersch is fine but he is going back down with Vit and Kerry.
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Hike must go on we are climbing up.
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Pedro is almost there.
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Few more steps.
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Chuck takes another rock.
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We are all over.
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There is Patsy and Martha.
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Way down.
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This is a rock garden here.
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Is there a chimney?
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Reunited with Vit and Kerry.
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More big rocks and we are not on Piedras Grandes yet.
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There used to a register here.
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We found just a half of can from the register bellow.
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Our complete group.
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There are UFOs and aliens here. Are they legal?
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The desert tower what a place to visit.
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What a place to explore.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3 Technical: 4.1 Scenic: 4 El. 2000'