Coyote Mountain. 2/25/2013

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It is another nice day for hiking. Sunny, not hot.
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Got off the trail and on the plateau.
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Here is first of the several elevation points we will hit.
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And on we go.
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There is the Coyote Mountain.
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Another point, this one is somewhat marked.
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Getting up Coyote.
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Looks like that some of the orange orchards were replaced by solar plantation.
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Vit and Susan are getting into some steep terrain.
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Hersch is following the trail.
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Letís see what is on this bump.
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It is the Azimuth mark pointing to Coyote.
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We are all excited by the Azimuth mark
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The next bump has a register. This one is even closer to Coyote.
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Our group on Coyote.
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It is a long way down.
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Looking East.
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It is getting steep down.
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On Getting together place since we got all separated going down.
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We are all back together.
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Made it back to Alcoholic Pass and we are all thirsty.
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Last sun picture.
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Refreshing brew back at the cars.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.5 Technical: 3.2 Scenic: 3 El. 3800'