IH Blue Sphere. 3/11/2013

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Is this an Indianhead hike?
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Not really, we are going just bellow the summit to look for a TC.
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The Palm Canyon grove.
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Vit and Susan will continue in the canyon.
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While we are trying to get on the ridge.
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Are we there yet?
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Not quite, that ridge gash is still way up.
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Papa goat is watching us.
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Shaken not stirred, while we were watching those goats 4.7 earthquake shook us with an epicenter that was only few miles north of us.
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Martha is climbing up, her pants still intact.
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The last time we went up was via the backward C gully on left.
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Almost there.
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We made it here but where is that TC?
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It is not here. T.L. has the worst record of Terra caches not found!!
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Everybody is looking, Martha, John, Richard, Alan. It is another wild goose chase.
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Our group here.
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Way down may be harder than up.
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Going up or down? Going down. That is Patsy she is good.
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The rough ridge.
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More down.
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Well we left the ridge but this is not much easier. It is very steep and loose.
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Made it down where Vit and Susan are waiting for us.
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Vit cannot believe that we went down off that ridge. It looks really steep from here.
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Our complete group safely down. Another adventure completed.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 4 Technical: 4.4 Scenic: 4 El. 2500'