Domelands. 4/1/2013

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We are climbing up but where is Richard? He is still down phone buying some new bike.
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Getting up to the saddle.
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Looking for some alternate way to get down to the canyon.
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What a vein.
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Just hoping that there will not be an earthquake today.
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Desert sand dollar.
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Richard and Patsy separated from us they are going to look for TCs.
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We are climbing up from the canyon.
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Bizarre walls.
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Got into this nice two level slot
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There is a light above.
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Slot continues.
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Some parts are narrow.
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Taking a brake for Jimís first lunch.
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Hersch is climbing up to bypass fall.
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Red rocks.
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We got into another slot but this one ends here. We are boxed.
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Nice snail.
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Ocotillos are blooming.
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Another lunch is here.
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We are going to meet with Richard and Patsy but where are they?
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Hersch found them and he is with them there. Rest of our group got somehow on a wrong side. Something is not right are we loosing it?
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Back all together.
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The last sharp drop and we should be on a trail soon.
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Cold brew tastes good.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.5 Technical: 4 Scenic: 4.1 El. 2600'