Windy Vallecito Potrero. 4/8/2013

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It is somewhat windy this morning we’ll see it may die down.
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Even this gopher snake is chilled.
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Snake crawled back into hole so we will go on.
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John found a corner marker here. This may the only thing we will stumble on today.
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John is pushing on, winds are getting stronger.
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We are getting sand blasted.
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There may be a safe place under water.
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Even here dead branches are falling down so we had to move.
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Originally we were going over that ridge but that might be impossible. How windy is it there?
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So instead we are looking for the Indian cave. Instruction says go SW.
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Wrong instructions. Could not find it. There is our last chance rock where we will have a lunch.
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Look somebody had lunches here before.
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Kids even painted some stick figures here.
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Bar table.
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More paintings.
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Our group.
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Going back we are going down with wind in our backs.
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This is the warmest place of our hike and lower we are less wind there is.
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Back at the cars it is still windy and cold. How windy it was? In Ocotillo and Borrego there were gusts over 70 mph.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.5 Technical: 3.2 Scenic: 3.1 El. 1600'