Sugarloaf Mtn. 7/22/2013

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We are finally on a trail after driving many hours and being warned by a ranger about torrential rains here.
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So far weather is great.
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Intersection with Wildhorse and Green Canyon trails.
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Almost can see San Gorgonio.
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Nice ridge.
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We also met with some firefighters who were hopping for heli extraction.
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This is their camp.
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Registers at the top.
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The new plaque.
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Wayne is doing some rearranging.
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John found his T.C.
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There is no need to do 360 YouTube today since it is milky everywhere around us.
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Where is Sugar?
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Our group.
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Are the clouds breaking up?
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We are on Barker Dam. Dam here?
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On we go.
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There is snow course marker. What is that?
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There are nice trees everywhere.
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This looks like a giant juniper.
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Lot of big trees.
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There was lot of thunder close by but we donít care now.
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Soon we will drive down for about 40 min hopping that we will not puncture any tire on very sharp rocks here.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3 Technical: 2.8 Scenic: 3.3 El. 1700'