Box Springs Res. 8/19/2013

hk13081987.jpg - 103670 Bytes
Where is the trail?
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We can make our own trail if there is none.
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Found the trail and now we are looking for some shade, it is getting warm.
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Still slowly climbing up.
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Here is that big “M” sign that can be seen from south.
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No shade here.
hk13081902.jpg - 76745 Bytes
It is a forest of antennas.
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John found his TC. That’s important.
hk13081910.jpg - 77534 Bytes
We got our daily allowance of radio frequency waves, time to continue.
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Our lunch is here at the smog zone level. Next stop will be that hill across it has a benchmark.
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Group picture.
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Getting down.
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Here is a partial shade at the Middle parking lot.
hk13081919.jpg - 77456 Bytes
Got to the top but there is no BM marker here. There may be something on that other rock.
hk13081921.jpg - 92395 Bytes
We climbed to the other rock and there is:
hk13081922.jpg - 93373 Bytes
Reference marker.
hk13081924.jpg - 74063 Bytes
Looking back where we came from and will go again.
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Wayne is getting down.
hk13081927.jpg - 83683 Bytes
It will be down, than all the way back up and down to get to the cars.
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We are back in the shade and with some liquids; the temperature is still over ninety.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.4 Technical: 2.7 Scenic: 3 El. 2900'