Mt. Baden-Powell. 8/26/2013

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John is checking his TC map since he is going to separate from our group for now.
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We are going up.
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This is PCT on Silver Moccasin Trail.
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Our only break on a way up.
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These are endless switchbacks but at least it is going up in a comfortable slope.
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Catching up to Wayne.
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Here we are: North Baldy/Baden-Powell.

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Martha is here.
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This is one of the plaques on the monument.
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The registers are a mess, we didnít even sign it.
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Small flowers at the top.
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That is a large tree.
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We are continuing west on a ridge.
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Here is a nice place for our lunch.
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Clouds around us are getting heavy.
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Our group after lunch.
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Time to go back down, is it going to rain?
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Ridge tree.
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There is a big drop on each side.
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Back at the switchbacks.
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Reunited with John, he found his two TCs.
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It was a cool day, mostly cloudy and no rain or thunder at all. Perfect day for hiking.
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Here are some credits.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.1 Technical: 2.4 Scenic: 3.3 El. 3100'