Paul Memorial/Cool Canyon. 11/11/2013

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Sunday we were at the Memorial for Paul Freiman (sitting at the middle with his dog Scooter).
Paul was one of the great San Diego hikers. His contributions and accomplishments to hiking were big.
We will miss you Paul.
This photo was taken on one of the Monday Hikes with us.
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The Memorial took a place at Morena Lake with a hike to Morena Buttes. This is a register entry on the top.
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Dog Scooter wondering where Paul is and when is his next hike going to be.
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Gathering after the hike.
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This is about a third of people who attended the Memorial.
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Starting our Monday hike by going thru a concrete jungle.
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Somebody left here unopened bottles of beer. Is that for us?
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A mild pleasant climb up.
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Getting into some caves.
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Some like to go on a side thinking that it is easier.
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Some will follow me thru the middle to get more thrills.
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These rocks are big.
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The easy part.
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Still more up.
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Something is eating Johnís head.
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There is some advantage to be smaller.
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Oh we got to the flat part.
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John is thru the last gate.
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This used to be a nice Mexican shrine it is devastated now.
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Our group in front the shrine.
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Lets climb more rocks.
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John P likes that.
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Martha looks small there.
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Jump John jump!
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Our party is on a highway.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.3 Technical: 4.2 Scenic: 4.2 El. 1700'