South Coyote Mtns. 11/25/2013

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We are parked under the new buzzing power lines.
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Getting up to our first stop BM Yote.
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Lot of windmills there but they are not spinning, no wind.
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Here is a slide down.
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Climb up.
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Vit is getting up.
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It is getting narrow.
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This one is harder to get up.
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Got on the ridge.
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There is lot of water here.
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We will continue in the canyon while John is doing that ridge up.
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Is that good water? Wayne thinks it is he tasted it. We will watch him for the rest of the day.
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More fun climbing.
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We saw lot of desert mountain sheep and this was their lunch, a cactus.
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We are running late so we changed our plans and got to 1975 for lunch instead.
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That sail/awning still here.
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Carefully getting down.
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That bump 1953 will be our next stop.
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We are here so what is next? Somehow to get down to the Fossil Canyon.
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It was again steep down and Leslie twisted her ankle and it hurts.
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Getting through.
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Leslie will make it back we are almost down.
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Since I can carry now 10 pounds more I am taking Leslie’s stuff. No problem.
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We are all back now.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.2 Technical: 3.8 Scenic: 3.3 El. 2We are parked under the new buzzing power lines.700'