South Coyote Mtns II. 12/2/2013

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This hike is somewhat continuation of last Monday’s hike. This will be interesting.
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First we have to get up.
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We all made it to the saddle after separating for a while.
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Now it’s down.
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Passage thru.
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That is a big clam.
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It is getting interesting.
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Wayne is checking finger holds.
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Our group, wondering what we will see next.
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That is a nice sand dollar.
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When I took this rock bones picture I was standing only few feet from the real bones.
That poor guy did not make it to where he was going. Was he sick, exhausted, thirsty, left alone?
He is for sure missed by somebody.
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Martha is taking gps coordinates of the dead man. Desert is tough and unforgiving.
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Jumping into a slot canyon.
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Short plateau.
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More excitement is ahead.
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This climbing is fun.
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Martha is using her knees.
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This is steeper than it looks.
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Belly climb.
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Vit is being born again.
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And on we climb.
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More fun is ahead. The rope.
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Hersch is doing the whole hike in his Walmart sandals that is amazing.
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Martha is getting up.
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It's a dead man's party
Who could ask for more…..
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Dramatic sunset, exciting day.
On our way back we will go to the Border Patrol station to report the dead man.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.5 Technical: 4.1 Scenic: 4.5 El. 2800'