Domelands. 12/9/2013

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It is a cool morning but no wind; this climb will warm us up.
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Wayne is checking that cairn.
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Our first stop on our way is this spot elevation cairn.
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We have to get down somehow that may not be easy.
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It is steep but doable.
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Got up here but where is Vit? He took the easy way down.
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There he is, found us.
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Lots of sea sand dollars and shells here.
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Is anybody living there?
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Oops I dropped my hiking stick there. Will I get it back? Eventually I did with Hersch’s help.
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Jim and his hiking stick.
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We have to get up there.
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There is a trail.
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Almost at our lunch place.
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It is cool so we staying off the wind and with the sun.
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Our group.
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Entrance into the big canyon.
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Wishing for no earthquake.
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It seems that our usual route is blocked. Did somebody move these boulders?
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This looks like a Hobbit movie here
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Somebody blocked this also but we will get over.
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Is there a gold in these veins?
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One big waterfall to get over.
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One small yet and we are out. That was fun.
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We have cold beer and chips but where is hot salsa?

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.3 Technical: 4.2 Scenic: 4.5 El. 2700'