Palm B.M. 2/3/2014

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We are doing Palm B.M. today. Ted is here so this hike will be exciting and challenging. Looking forward to it.
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There are lot of slot canyons here.
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Another slot.
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This one is a nice one.
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It is getting deeper.
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Time to get up.
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We have some nice rock climbing ahead.
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At least these rocks are not slippery.
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Climb up to the B.M.
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View of the Salton Sea.

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We are being attacked by thousands of these little flies. They are all over us.
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Letís make a group picture and drop down lower.
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Dropping down.
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Our alternate break place.
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Looking back.
hk14020351.jpg - 77347 Bytes
And looking forward.
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It is a sharp ridge.
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More of that ridge.
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Sand castles on our way.
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Lower sheep pool. Wayne donít drink this water!
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Going up the sheep way.
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Just donít slip!
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This little fellow somehow dropped into this slot and cannot get out. It is still very much alive for now.
hk14020376.jpg - 77173 Bytes
That is the upper pool end, he cannot get out this way.
The only way to get him out would be to scare him so much that he would jump into the lower pool (not likely).
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Well at least we made it out that is what counts. It was a great hike this place is always amazing one of my favorites.
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We are all dressed for a party. Where is John? Not here so we will party anyway.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.5 Technical: 4.3 Scenic: 4.3 El. 3200'