Red Top. 3/31/2014

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Nice day today for this hike it is not hot.
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Vit is finding new easy way to get on our trail.
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There is only some mild bushwhacking.
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Out first look at the Red Top.
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We will have to decide on the route we will take. Will it be the old tried route or a new one?
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First we have to get down.
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It is about a mile on flat now.
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This climb is mostly boulders.
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One of our stops.
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It is still long way up.
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So far not bad.
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This new route is somewhat overwhelming Martha. Too many huge boulders to climb
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It is from one boulder to another, slow going.
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Our whole group at the top. Only Vit stayed lower.

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Now we have to find a way down.
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It is easier than going up.
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Some obstacles in a way.
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We are altogether.
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Blooming cactus, not that many flowers are blooming this year.
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It is a long way down.
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We found our stashed water and are waiting for John but where is Hersch. That is a mystery.
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We are back up and still have some sunlight.
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Sun is down and it is not warm anymore. Anybody for ice-cold beer?
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Here is John and Hersch they made it. We can drive home now.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 4.5 Technical: 4.5 Scenic: 3.8 El. 4600'