Sawtooth Wilderness. 6/16/2014

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We are going somewhere over there on the far ridge.
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So far so good.
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Entering brush.
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The collapsed wind tower. It is also windy today.
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Sawtooth ridge.
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That is a big golf ball over there.
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Our progress is good for now.
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It is getting deeper.
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The high point of the wilderness, Wayne is already there.
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Looking down to the Sawtooth and the Red Top.


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John is placing T.C. register.
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Our group.
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Wayne is climbing rocks.
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Our lunch place.
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It seems that our way back is much better. We are following a trail.
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Shelley is stopping bleeding on her leg. That looks bad. She is fine now.
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Is anything living there?
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We finished early today so we have more time for the after hike.
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John P is getting his J.S. hiking society shirt.
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We all have shirts now.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.6 Technical: 3.5 Scenic: 3.5 El. 1700'