Marion Mtn. 6/23/2014

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This should be fairly simple hike with no surprises.
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Going up via Devils Slide.
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Wayne is inspecting some bee’s activity.
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On the other side is Suicide Rock.
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Got to the Saddle Junction and this surprise.
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The trails that we wanted to go are all closed. Everything east and PCT south is closed.
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We are confused and going north.
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Made it to Wellmans Divide for lunch.
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Our group.
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John continues on. Where is he going?
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We are off trail, so far so good.
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Oops we are fighting the brush again.
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Shelley is following me.
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Out of the brush we are looking for John’s outstanding T.C.
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Found it. Our hike and the effort is not in vain.
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The other Marian bump with a register is over there.
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On our way down is no brush we are going thru beautiful forest.
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Back on PCT.
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Nice flowers.
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Going down to the saddle.
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Lily Rock in evening sun.
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All back at the cars. Burning the daylight.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 4.2 Technical: 4 Scenic: 4 El. 4800'