Mt. Baldy. 7/14/2014

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We are starting our A16 Three Peaks Challenge with Mount San Antonio (Baldy).
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Off road on a trail.
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Off trail on a ridge.
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Looks like that we are separating into three groups. Group 1: John P. and Kerry, Group A: Me, Susan and Wit.
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Group A1 is: John and Hersch coming up.
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It is hot and humid we need some rest.
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It is steep and way up to go.
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Almost back on trail.
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Before Baldy we are going up to Mt. Harwood first.
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There is no register here anymore but the Geo station is still here.
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Weather changed rapidly. Started to rain and it is cold. We are switching to our rain gear.
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John at the top. Rest of our group is waiting down off the wind.

360 View. youtube

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Hersch in his rain gear, he is like a walking lighting rod.
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Hersch looks happy.
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We are looking for John. Somehow we lost him.
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Continuing down.
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John is somewhere on that other ridge and taking Mt. Baldy Village trail down.
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At Baldy Bowl.
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Our group relaxing at Sierra Club ski lodge.
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Some flowers on a trail.
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Still it is a long way down.
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After hike.
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And here is John, reunited with us.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.8 Technical: 3.3 Scenic: 3.8 El. 4000'