San Gorgonio. 7/28/2014

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There is sun above for now. Our biggest fear for today is the weather.
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There is no water flowing when crossing Mill Creek.
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Selfie going up.
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Wit with his permit for 9 hikers. For now we are just two. We have some no-shows and there is other group taking a different trail.
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Galena ridge.
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Easier way up?
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Switchback trail.
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Looking south there are some clouds but we are good.
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Soon we will be out in the clear are we going to be fine there?
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Almost up. About mile from the summit we hear some thunder. Now what?
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Made it to the top. We will make some quick pictures here.
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I am not even taking off my backpack.
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Hurry back down. Susan told us that there is no place to hide from lightning. Did the other group turned back?
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Thunder is coming from the right side.
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We are still in the open.

360 View. youtube

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No more thunder.
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Looks like the thunderstorm is brewing over San Jacinto now. That is where we were last week.
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Back on San G. it is clearing up. We got call from the top that our other group going via Fish Creek trail: John, Susan, Jim and Herch made it. Great!
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Our group picture.
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San Jacinto.
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That tree may be same age as us.
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Never ending way down.
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Our rest place where we are waiting if John will show up.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 4.4 Technical: 3 Scenic: 3.5 El. 5400'