5K Ridge North. 10/27/2014

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There is our ridge. Last time we done the southern part today we will do the northern portion.
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So far so good, not much brush. We are expecting some.
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There is Hersch in the brush.
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Wit is watching.
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Up we go, looking for some easy way with not too much boulders and not much brush.
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Made it to the ridge where Wayne and Hersch are waiting for us. They won.
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Indian res. on left.
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Wind test station is still here.
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Nothing is broken.
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Sombrero Peak from above.
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Considering some alternate way when we will go down.
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John found BLM section marker.
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There is the end of the ridge.
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Great view of Sawtooth and Red Top.

360 view.youtube

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Real men.
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John is finding nice way for us.
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This yucca has the biggest trunk ever. Three feet plus across.
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McCain Valley road.
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Going down. There are some trail ducks.
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Made it down.
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Almost back.
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That Red Hook tastes good.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.3 Technical: 3.8 Scenic: 3.9 El. 2000'