The Thimble. 11/10/2014

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Letís go hiking. The Thimble is usually our desert season opener.
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The Chimney Rock. John is looking for some B.M. there. It is nowhere to find.
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And on to White.
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On White.
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There is The Thimble. Some will go there now, some will go with John down to look for another lost B.M.
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Getting off White.
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That is a big tree.
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We are watching John as he is looking for some section marker and lost B.M. Section marker is found, no sight of B.M.
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Our group is now going up The Thimble.
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Everybody chooses its own way up. This is my way up over those yucca stomps.
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At the top off the wind.


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Our group, John is still down looking for that B.M.
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Looking south to White.
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It is time to go down.
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Some brush.
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Almost down, no wind here.
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Looking back at The Thimble.
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It is windy on Clyde.
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Now on to Bonnie.
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Signing the register on Bonnie. It is really windy now.
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Our party is next to the road.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.5 Technical: 3.9 Scenic: 3.9 El. 3400'