Davies Valley 1/4/2016

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Hello stranger. Is this a way to Davies Canyon?
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Yes it is. There are some fun waterfalls to climb.
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Over the second stage.
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And more is ahead.
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Top of the falls.
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Climbing on a ridge to our first top.
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Almost there.
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Our group here, John stayed below.
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Found some stash of food, water, sleeping bag etc. that is used by illegals (cartels) to warn about border patrol activity. Did they see us?
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View of the valley.
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Way down is fine.
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Nice color.
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Climbing up to our second spot. Weather forecast said rain, we are getting some mild drizzle.
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What is this thing with antenna? Is it friend or foe?
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Found a new mine. So this is a good photo op.
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Colorful rocks.
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This tourmaline rock is waiting for Wayne but where is he? He is lost taking alternate route.
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Nice mud slot.
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Our lunch place. It is sunny now!
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Still in slot.
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Got to our third top. This one has several observation shelters.
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Mark found some loot on top. He things that itís dirty money so he left it there.
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Border patrol is greeting us at cars.
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Itís been some time when we were here last.
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H B with Shock Top.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3 Technical: 3.7 Scenic: 3.8 El. 2300'