Chichi in Mexico 3/28/2016

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We are in Mexico. This is our welcoming party in Pargue Constitucion.
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Our first target is Cerro la Plasta.
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It is cool but sunny.
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We can see Chichi (Squaw’s Tit) across.
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Complete group.
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Still on the flat top.
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John will have that cactus later for lunch.
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Looks like Valley of the Moon back in US.
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We see death cows and live cows here.
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Circling Chichi.
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Over the fence.
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Here is some spring.
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Under the fence.
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It is steep to Chichi.
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Almost there.
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Peligro alta winds. There is no electricity here.
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We were there.
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It is windy but we are somewhat shielded here.
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Lunch is here.
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Getting down.
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Some boulders.
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John is down.
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Looking back at Chichi.
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Wanted to stop at this Indian archeological site but it is closed on Mondays and they would not do an exception for us.
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So instead we go to El Chipo for some cerveza and generous portions of tostadas.
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John ordered his cactus.
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Too much food, wow.
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Made it back to Tecate and while waiting we are exploring some border markers. This one is #243.
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The line to the border crossing is over 2km long. It took us 2:15 to get back to US.
That is like to drive from SD to Gorgonio trailhead. But overall the trip was great.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3 Technical: 3.7 Scenic: 3.5 El. 1800'