Wanat Peak 7/11/2016

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Nice weather for a challenging hike.
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First we need to be at the right wash.
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Than we need to leave the wash at the right place.
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Here is Wayne, he was trying an alternate route.
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It is steep up.
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This part is well ducked.
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Steep sides of the canyon.
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Wit is still with us.
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Some flowers.
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Following the ridge.
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Yoga style climbing.
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False summit. That is not it yet.
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Getting closer.
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Hersch is on the ridge.
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So far it is only us.
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San Jacinto.
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View of San Gorgonio. Interesting thing is that stump below. Who cut it and why here?

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Our group on top. But wait, John is on a way he will make it also!
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Will Wayne be anemic after blood donations here?
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It is steeper than it appears.
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Back down at wash.
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Relaxing and waiting for John. Where is he?
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Somewhat dusted otherwise fine. John I said: put on the happy face.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 4 Technical: 4.1 Scenic: 4 El. 3000'