Soledad Mtn. 7/25/2016

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It is too hot in the mountains so lets go to the beach.
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So far so good.
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Water is warm.
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At the Window.
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Is this cave collapsing?
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Volcanic bottom.
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Donít come here in inflatable boat when tide is high.
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Jim is going into the other caves.
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Susan is testing the rope for us.
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Going to the jumping spot.
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La Jolla caves.
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La Jolla birds.
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La Jolla sea lions.
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Is that Pokemon Owl?
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Can you make that house little bigger?
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Our first group picture.
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Going off road on trail.
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Off the trail.
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That fence was not here before. What side can we be on? I guess neither.
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They are grading the last remaining empty parcel here. Where we will go next year!
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The last ďopenĒ backyards
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More construction ahead.
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We made it in spite of some residents mumbling about some private properties.
Another group picture since we lost one (Susan) and gained two (Steve and Ron).
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Letís get over that fence.
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Are we pedestrians?
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Safely back at Jimís place.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3 Technical: 3.4 Scenic: 3.7 El. 1700'