Tierra Blanca 2/27/2017

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It was sunny when we got here.
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John is putting on his raingear it is starting to drizzle.
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We are at our first section marker.
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No more rain?
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The drizzle is back on.
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On we go.
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Steve is in easy terrain. We are in rocks.
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There should be some view of Lagunas from here. Not today.
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We can see some cave on the side. Letís check it out.
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This will be a good place for our early lunch.
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Group picture.
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Lunch is over, time to put on our rain gear.
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Climb up dodging cactuses.
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Found the second section marker.
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This is our high point.
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View of the Canebrake marsh.
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Going down canyon.
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Cactus likes the rain.
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Soon the flowers will be everywhere.
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The old chollas.
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Brown chollas.
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It is not raining on our party! We are happy that we can do (still) these hikes even if it is raining.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.2 Technical: 3.2 Scenic: 3 El. 1700'