Little San G & Wilshire Pk. 8/7/2017

hk17080707.jpg - 159281 Bytes
In the approach gully.
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This is easy.
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We are leaving John for now.
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While we are charging up.
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Cindy is catching up.
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It seems that the slope going up is getting steeper every year.
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Got to the ridge up.
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More up.
hk17080733.jpg - 175192 Bytes
Interesting rock.
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On Little San Gorgonio. Looking east at the knife edge ridge.
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San Bernardino Mountain north from us.
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There is no register here just some stickers on rocks.
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One part of our group here.
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The second part is in a shade.
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At the Antenna hill. Our half is continuing west on Yucaipa Ridge.
hk17080750.jpg - 127697 Bytes
Wilshire Mountain. There was a register but when I opened the cans it was full of (hundreds) pincher bugs. Yack!
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Nice flat ridge.
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There is our destination: Wilshire Peak.
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Steve is getting up.
hk17080759.jpg - 144806 Bytes
Our group on the peak. Made it, time to go back.
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Cloud over San Jacinto. Weather here is nice, not hot.
hk17080776.jpg - 121828 Bytes
Very noisy big old rattlesnake ready to strike.
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Steep down.
hk17080786.jpg - 178284 Bytes
And slippery.
hk17080791.jpg - 165651 Bytes
All back together.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 4.2 Technical: 4 Scenic: 3.9 El. 4200'