Prom 5340 10/23/2017

hk17102386.jpg - 170259 Bytes
Starting off the trail.
hk17102387.jpg - 135995 Bytes
Fence no fence.
hk17102388.jpg - 183220 Bytes
Warmup bushwhack.
hk17102390.jpg - 75334 Bytes
Off the bush on road.
hk17102391.jpg - 91782 Bytes
Road is closed, is open for us.
hk17102394.jpg - 148063 Bytes
Is that our prom?
hk17102395.jpg - 208471 Bytes
Some bush going up, nothing too bad.
hk17102398.jpg - 110466 Bytes
We made it up but where is our group?
hk17102399.jpg - 58104 Bytes
Our group is on the real 5340 prom.
hk17102300.jpg - 112233 Bytes
Oh well they are not coming here so we are going back down.
hk17102301.jpg - 122584 Bytes
Reunited, back on road.
hk17102302.jpg - 198913 Bytes
Here is another bush climb.
hk17102303.jpg - 82254 Bytes
Wayne is the first one up.
hk17102304.jpg - 115121 Bytes
It is breezy so he is wearing his peasant hat.
hk17102306.jpg - 159251 Bytes
More of medium bush.
hk17102308.jpg - 227131 Bytes
There was some target bottle shooting here.
hk17102309.jpg - 117422 Bytes
Made to the top road gate, it is time to turn back.
hk17102311.jpg - 93111 Bytes
We could not connect to PCT on a way down (too much brush) so it is a road back.
hk17102314.jpg - 148312 Bytes
Pleasant after hike party. It is about 100F in San Diego and here is not even 80F.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.2 Technical: 3.5 Scenic: 3.2 El. 2300'