Coyote Mountain 12/29/2017

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Lining up for before the hike mug shots. Good idea! Are we going to need them?
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Heading for that deep canyon.
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Canyon wall.
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Interesting rocks.
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Friday Mike and Carol. Is this the last time I will see them today?
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We are going ahead.
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Some motivating dry waterfall.
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Can we get over it?
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Wit doesn’t think so. He is turning back.
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Rest of us is continuing up.
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Bighorn was here.
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It is lot of climbing.
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Here is our lead group.
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Maurice is getting to the top.
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Barbie is next.
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It is a big weekend in desert. That dust cloud is created by thousands off road vehicles there.
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Our group at the summit. Later on John and then Ted will get there also.
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Taking the ridge trail down.
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Villager is across.
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Nice portion of this trail.
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Clark Lake.
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Looking SE.
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Made it down but where is rest of our group?
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John and Ted made it down.
Friday Mike and Carol are missing. They should be waiting for us at the Pegleg.
They are not at Pegleg either. Hmmm. Are they going to spend a night somewhere up there?
For the rest of the story check with them.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.8 Technical: 3.8 Scenic: 3.2 El. 2700'