Fonts Point 1/29/2018

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It is not raining. It is sunny and warm.
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Some fossils here.
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Made it to our first bump.
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Now we have to transfer over that flat to the badlands.
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Live ammunition from 1945.
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John and We are all excited about this section marker.
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Terrain changed. You can get easily lost here.
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Up on a ridge.
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Found another section marker. Where is rest of our group?
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The group is here. Are we all together? Not yet, where is Bob?
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Some colorful canyon sides.
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Wash is getting narrow.
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Rest in the shade.
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Fonts Point is getting closer. No sight of Bob.
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There is Bob! That little speck just below the ridge. He is stuck there and already called 911!
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Tried to reach him via the ridge but it was getting too crumbly so we are going back down.
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After giving the 911 operator his gps location a lone Ranger appeared in no time.
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Watching the rescue.
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After pulling Bob and his backpack up and then lowering him down…
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Bob is happily on terra firma.
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On a way back we found this perfect sand dune with knife edge ridge.
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Walking the sand.
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Some drops.
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And back to cars.
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We are all together again and safe.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.4 Technical: 4 Scenic: 3.9 El. 1700'