Inko-Pah 2/12/2018

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Over the railroad tracks.
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Under the freeway.
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Into rocks.
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It is getting interesting.
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Group is splitting and taking different routes.
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Boulder everywhere.
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That looks different.
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Going up to our first prom.
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Richard made it first!
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Freeway below.
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It is windy so Wayne has his peasant hat on.
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No wind there.
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Johnís group is coming from Pah going up to prom. We are on a way down than up to Pah.
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Our groups are mixing again. Some are staying, some are switching.
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On Pah.
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Richard will go solo from here. It is getting confusing who is where.
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Found some section marker but there is no John close by.
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Steel monsters are here.
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Oops, somebody lost big torque wrench.
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Patsy showed up. She is with us now. Richard is not here.
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Bizarre rocks.
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Going up to Inko.
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Short brake here.
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Our group on Inko.
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Going down to the Devils Canyon.
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Under the freeway again.
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Windmills are spinning hard today.
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It was cold and windy for beer outside so we are switching our after hike party location.
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We are at the new place in Ocotillo: The Great Escape where Richard and Patsy invited us for beer and pizza.
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It is their 30th wedding anniversary. Congratulation Patsy and Richard!

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.9 Technical: 3.9 Scenic: 3.9 El. 2800'