Trestle 3/12/2018

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Starting up via canyon. That will be more challenging than the ridge.
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Here is one of the bigger falls to bypass. Use your side to do it.
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Hold on Wit is coming.
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Nice canyon. Lots of climbing.
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This guy did not make it. Wit will!
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More to climb.
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We are off the canyon.
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Rock shelter.
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Here we are. First sight of the trestle.
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I was here twenty years ago on my first Monday hike!
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Cacti like it here.
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The Goat Canyon Trestle.
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That tunnel is crumbling.
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Is it safe?
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Some planks show their age.
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Met two guys from Czech here in desert. One from Sail Away San Diego the other one is sailing around the world.
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Relaxing at lunch.
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There is a cat walk below. May try that someday.
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Here is the other side of that tunnel almost covered by big rock fall.
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Old road going up is covered with chollas.
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We are in boulders.
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Fun is back.
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Some places are challenging.
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Made it over the ridge. This should be easier. Ha?
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Another one bites the dust.
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Back at cars. Time to play some pool.
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Our complete group. And now it is a time to go to….
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Lazy Lizard. Where we have some beer, etc.
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Steve is celebrating his round birthday. Thanks Steve for inviting us.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 4 Technical: 4 Scenic: 4 El. 2600'