Rosa Point 3/19/2018

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Going far and high.
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Most of us are going to Rosa. Rest of our group is splitting here to follow John.

Press below for Afra's pictures fron sub-Rosa hike

Afra's pictures

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In Palo Verde Canyon.
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Need to get on that left ridge.
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On a ridge with Palo Verde Amphitheatre below.
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Main ridge going up.
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Weather is cool so we are not sweating much.
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Transferred to Pyramid ridge with first view of Salton Sea.
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It is a grind up.
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We are high.
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But still have some way to go up.
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Made it. Richard and Patsy are getting fit for PCT.
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Top of Rosa with some old registers.
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Looking down where our cars are.
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Our group here. Too bad that Wayne could not make it today.
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Need to transfer to the other ridge.
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Coachella Valley.
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Pyramid ridge on left that we came up.
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Going down is steep and crumbly.
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Getting off this ridge.
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We still have a long way down.
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Back on the main ridge.
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All together again.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 4.2 Technical: 4 Scenic: 3.7 El. 5000'