Double Peak 7/23/2018

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Since there is an excessive heat warning everywhere we are hiking closer to the coast today. We will be hot, hopefully not excessively.
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There are cities around everywhere.
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We could drive up here if we wanted. Jim did.
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Top of Double Peak.
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Our group today.
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From the Double Peak we made it to San Marcos Peak. We are getting excellent cell phone reception here.
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The dose of radio waves is making us happy.
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Found a big treasure chest.
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New developments are everywhere.
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Hillside trail.
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Each of these markers says START. Hmm?
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Short break before we go for more.
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Road crossing. Will horse walk backwards here?
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Another peak, another comm. tower. This one is called Mount Whitney not to be confused with the real one without the comm. tower.
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There is a next one to go to.
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Big houses with big views.
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This one is Franks Peak.
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Made it back and in partial shade. Temp. is getting into 90s.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.2 Technical: 2.7 Scenic: 3 El. 2000'