Carmel Mtn. 8/6/2018

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It is a foggy morning today.
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Foggy but not hot. There is an excessive heat warning on again.
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This is a view point here. There may be a freeway below fortunately we cannot see it.
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John knows where we are going.
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There are lots of orb-weaver spiders here.
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Some bushwhack.
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Many round pebbles.
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Is somebody living here?
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Letís get out of this bush.
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Mesquite BM.
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Here is one of the several points we go to. Wayne made it there first.
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Our group.
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Nice cool tunnel.
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It is Monday so we are taking the Strenuous Trail.
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Lots of houses around but so far we did not go on any street yet.
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Getting into Los Penasquitos Canyon.
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There is some water in the creek.
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We are going back up.
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It is warm but not hot.
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Back at the parking lot. The whole hike was on dirt trails only. Wow.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3 Technical: 2.9 Scenic: 3.1 El. 1300'