Lycium Loop 11/19/2018

hk18111947.jpg - 91686 Bytes
Sandy walk to the Split Mountain.
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Tall walls in the canyon.
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These layers are like tree rings. Each one may have some story to tell.
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Wide place in the canyon.
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The famous anticline formation caused by sturzstorm of mammoth proportions. So letís make our group picture here.
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Is Wayne impressed?
hk18111969.jpg - 117974 Bytes
Looking back.
hk18111973.jpg - 104563 Bytes
Many ocean layers.
hk18111977.jpg - 154247 Bytes
Wit found a window.
hk18111979.jpg - 178526 Bytes
Another sidewall.
hk18111984.jpg - 137838 Bytes
Looks like nice slot canyon down there. We are not going down.
hk18111988.jpg - 122595 Bytes
We are going up.
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At our first spot elevation and it is also our lunch place.
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Wit is going back. He does not like what he sees ahead.
hk18111998.jpg - 130462 Bytes
But there is just a nice ridge going down.
hk18111999.jpg - 173079 Bytes
From solid to dust.
hk18111900.jpg - 157762 Bytes
The wash is down there.
hk18111902.jpg - 162812 Bytes
This is the way down.
hk18111910.jpg - 122913 Bytes
Back in the wash.
hk18111912.jpg - 117545 Bytes
Waterfall to climb.
hk18111915.jpg - 232911 Bytes
Some big cat walked here.
hk18111919.jpg - 109583 Bytes
At our high point, 1396.
hk18111926.jpg - 111554 Bytes
Almost out.
hk18111929.jpg - 142307 Bytes
On Ďflatí. This looks easy but to clamber two miles over these rocks is hard on my knees.
hk18111930.jpg - 76820 Bytes
Some beer to soothe our joints.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.62 Technical: 3.7 Scenic: 3.7 El. 1700'