Canebrake to Cottonwood 11/26/2018

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This is a one way shuttle hike. Our group is starting at the desert floor.
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We hope to meet with the other group somewhere to switch our car keys.
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At Inner Pasture.
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Taking a break. Where is Wayne? Is he at front or somewhere back? We donít know.
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Sandy road.
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It is a long road.
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Jim stopped here and he will wait for Johnís group. But why is he stripping down?
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Rare picture of big ears.
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Lagunas radar dome.
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No water here.
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Our groups met exactly at noon so we had a lunch together while waiting also for Hersch and Wayne to regroup.
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All together, minus Jim.
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They are going down.
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We are going up.
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Sawtooth and the Red Top.
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Sitting on a kitchen work table.
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Water spring under the boulders.
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Almost up.
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It is mostly flat here but still some way to go.
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Made it to the Cottonwood campground. Sun is down, it is getting cold!

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.9 Technical: 3.1 Scenic: 3.4 El. 3700'