Fish Creek Mtns. Prom 2100 12/10/2018

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I put two pennies on tracks. Will see what will happen if train comes.
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We are going up there.
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First we want to get on the ridge.
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John is leading for now followed closely by Mark.
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Beth is taking the left ridge.
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John branches to the right.
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Our first break.
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Salton Sea geothermal plants are smoking.
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We still have a long way up yet.
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It is either to go on side of the ridge.
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Or over rocky bumps.
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The terrain is challenging.
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How do they eat that?
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On top. However this is a false top there are two higher bumps.
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Smiling Susan and Patsy.
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John made it up.
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Our complete group. We are on the highest 2100 bump (we think).
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Time to go back down.
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That looks steep.
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So far Beth is smiling.
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Than steeper.
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Spreading out.
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Pause in small saddle. 800 still down to go.
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Made it down.
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Oyster shell. There used to be a sea here.
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The train is coming!! What will happen to my two cents? Well after the train ran over they are nowhere to find!
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We are all back in one piece.
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Looks like even my camera somehow survived that hard rocky fall. It is time to go home!

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 4 Technical: 4 Scenic: 3.7 El. 2500'