Tule Pk. Beauty Mtn. 7/1/2019

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Entering Beauty Mountain Wilderness.
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Nice big green patch.
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Welcoming trail map.
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The trail is fine.
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But early on we are switching to off trail mode.
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Beth is emerging from brush.
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Lot of clear patches on way to Tule Peak.
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Under Tule’s summit block.
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Shelley made it up where she was attacked by not biting flying termites swarm. Note her hat. She is covered with them everywhere.
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We are climbing other boulder where there are no termites and I can take pictures.
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There is still some snow on Gorgonio.
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When there is some flying insect Wayne has to investigate. He will be covered with them also.
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Richard is preparing new register below.
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Ahead is Rock Pile and far ahead Beauty Mountain.
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Getting off.
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We are in rocks. This is Rock Pile.
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Rock Pile. We don’t have another register for this one.
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Wayne, in the shade. He will bail out early.
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Shelley and I are going also to Beauty Mountain.
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The trail going there is somewhat spotty via lot of brush.
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Final push up.
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Our group.
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Beauty BM. Next to it is another altitude BM.
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We will try to save some time and go x-country. If everything will go right we may save one hour.
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Finally back on trail. Did we save some time? Probably not.
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We are all back. It was a warm day. I am dehydrated.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 4 Technical: 3.8 Scenic: 3.6 El. 3000'