Ontario Peak 8/12/2019

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It is a nice cool morning for hiking.
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Old fortress that did not make it.
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Trail up.
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We are at the saddle. Wayne is loading up on cookies so he can continue up with us.
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It is easier now.
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The other side.
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Nice trail but watch out!
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There was a big rattler on trail.
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At Kelly Camp.
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Up on the ridge.
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One of 3Ts, Telegraph Peak.
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Mt Baldy.
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On to Ontario.
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Our group. Larry started down early so he can do Sugarloaf.
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Finding our way down.
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This will get steeper.
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Some obstacles also.
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Sugarloaf, where Larry is somewhere.
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All together.
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This is a fun part, skiing down.
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In the Falling Rock canyon. Is Wit stressed?
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So far so good. There will be only one bad part.
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We have to bypass the slime waterfall. Right way down is on the right (east) side.
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Wrong/hard way down is the west side where Wayne is looking for his phone that he lost somewhere!
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Made it down and across the creek. That phone is lost.
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Everyone made complete hike!

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.9 Technical: 3.9 Scenic: 3.8 El. 3700'