Crystal Cove state park 8/19/2019

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Going up with a view of the ocean behind.
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Moro Canyon.
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Walls on road.
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It is up and down, No Name trail.
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Trail narrows.
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The real bench mark is in bushes.
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They found it.
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Also a Terra cache is nearby.
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Rock cave.
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Looking back.
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Behind this state park border is Laguna Coast Wilderness with even more restrictions.
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John is going to the park’s high point.
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Road traffic.
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John is sitting down on high bench mark.
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Ridge walk with some mild breeze.
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Our lunch place is at the deserted campground.
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We are confused. Will this road lead us down or not? Wayne and later John are turning back up.
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That road is changing into some trail.
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That trail ended in multi million dollars backyards so we are trying some other ways out.
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Rich people live on that side, we are on this side.
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Border walk.
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All together in shade by B.F.I. aka Big Fat Incline.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3 Technical: 3 Scenic: 3 El. 2000'