Red Tahquitz 8/26/2019

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Our first stop is at the rock window.
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Looking from the window there are lot of burned trees.
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We are ready to continue up.
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It is lots of switchbacks.
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The South Ridge.
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San Jacinto.
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In shade on Tahquitz.
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Left side is burned, right side is green.
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We are losing some elevation.
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Cooling off.
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Fallen tree.
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On a way up to Red Tahquitz.
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On top. It may be renamed to Burned Tahquitz.
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Devastated by 2018 arson fire.
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The other side is mostly green.
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Our group at the top.
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Next stop will be Middle Tahquitz.
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Look at these nice flowers growing from burned ground.
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Starting down.
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Some did not make it.
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Ridge to Antsell Rock.
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On Middle T.
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Some rocks and challenges on a contour down.
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Reunited with everybody up here at the pct junction.
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We were there.
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Sappy pine cones.
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Everybody together.
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On a way back we were stopped and turned back at Cahuilla by police due to a fire.
So we went back to take an alternate route to Hemet. Here we are stuck again waiting for escort to take us down on SR 74.
It was a long way back home.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 4 Technical: 3.7 Scenic: 3.8 El. 3700'