Dobbs Peak 9/2/2019

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Is it a Monday hike? We usually donít schedule a hike on Labor Day so this is our special hike. Starting at 7 am from trailhead.
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No water at Mill Creek.
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It is somewhat cloudy so that is good.
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On Vivian Creek trail.
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Eventually we will be up there.
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Taking the creek bed up from High Creek Camp.
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It is mostly good.
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First we have to get to the saddle. Wayne is scrambling up.
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At the saddle.
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Now the real climb starts. 700í up.
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It is steep.
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Made it to East Dobbs.
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Register on top.
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Wayne made it up, he is happy.
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Gorgonio is getting covered in clouds.
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And now to Dobbs.
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This is a walk in park here. Great for recovery.
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Register on Dobbs.
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We were cold on top, now it is getting warm coming down.
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It is somewhat ducked trail.
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Almost time to peel off the ridge.
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There are some obstacles.
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We are close to the trail.
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Thunderstorm with heavy rain since Vivian Creek Camp all the way down to cars.
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Rain stopped just in time for our after hike, so we are drying up.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 4 Technical: 3.7 Scenic: 3.6 El. 4600'