South Peak 9/9/2019

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It is a cool morning. Starting from the Zen Center.
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There is a trail going up to PCT.
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However due to the recent fires and PCT that was closed for years our unused trail is no longer visible.
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So it is mostly cross country for us.
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Got to PCT.
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Antsell Rock.
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Wit is turning back to go to Apache Peak.
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PCT is somewhat overgrown.
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There it is, why we came here to check the new rock slide on PCT.
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Big boulders are blocking the trail.
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We are going via the lower pass that is somewhat exposed but not that hard.
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The upper pass.
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Wayne is doing it.
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Antsell ridge.
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Lots of burned trees.
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On South Peak. Where is Wayne?
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Antsell Rock again.
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Wayne finally made it, from the other side!
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PCT looking south.
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Here is the rock slide we have to do again.
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Some go over. We also picked John on trail so he is going with us.
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Made it!
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Back to on/off trail.
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Will this trail ever be active again?
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Zen Center.
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Our party is outside the compound.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.5 Technical: 4 Scenic: 3.7 El. 2800'