Travertine Rocks Area 12/2/2019

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Does that mean that we are illegals here?
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We are still under sea level here. That line looks like where the water reached before.
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Boulders are covered by ancient corals
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More undersea boulders.
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Climbing up.
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This hike will be lot of Bench Marks and Section Marks.
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Here is the first one: Oasis.
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Dropped down to vineyards.
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Nice gazebo. Weather is fine so we donít need it.
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Another BM: Tour.
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Down again.
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It is rocks everywhere. Hard to walk on. Tiring.
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Even this next BM is named ROCK on maps it says ROCKS.
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Our lunch place.
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This is our group.
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Made it to the next BM.
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POINT BM. Most of these have also a register.
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Here is a section marker.
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Another section marker made as a target practice.
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Since we are running out of the daylight we split. Our group is going to get cars others are continuing.
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Instead to walk by the highway/freeway we are going thru bushes.
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Date palms.
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Fence at Travertine Rock.
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Lots of graffiti on travertine.
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And shrines.
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We took our cars to meet our other group to save them about one hour walking in the dark.
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Everybody is here so we will have a party, than it is a long drive back to San Diego.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.8 Technical: 3.4 Scenic: 3.2 El. 1700'