Oriflamme Canyon+ 12/16/2019

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Starting with our warmup hill. Temp is in low 40s.
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Looking back.
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On one of our bumps. It is also windy here.
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More bumps ahead.
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Getting closer to the moon.
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Almost up.
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Made it to Buck North BM.
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Granite Mountain.
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Waiting for the rest of our group.
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All here.
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Hoping that down there will be warmer.
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We are down. John found some inactive geo cache.
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We will follow the creek up.
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Nice walking here.
hk19121651.jpg - 181392 Bytes
Water in the creek.
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The trail is either spotty or nonexistent.
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Whenever we can go we go in the creek bed.
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Since we did not find any big cascades this will have do for our lunch place.
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After lunch some of us are climbing up high to the road.
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Someplace it is still bushy.
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Made it up to the road.
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This is easier.
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Meet with our two other groups. John is still somewhere down in the creek bed
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Splitting again, we are looking for some section markers.
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L190 is a boundary marker.
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Back all together cold, with cold beers and warm smiles. Ending temperature: 42F.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.4 Technical: 3.5 Scenic: 3.5 El. 2800'