Japacha Pk 6/1/2020

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Morning weather is nice, later it will get warm with not much breeze.
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John is leading us to the Airplane Ridge.
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This monument used to be guarded by bees. It is now occupied by annoying big black flies.
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Stonewall Peak.
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It is bushy on all sides.
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Japacha ahead.
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Open trail.
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Coyote size fox.
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Canít see me, canít smell me.
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Mistletoe tree.
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When we got to Japacha, flies that followed us were reinforced by flies that were already waiting there for us.
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Looking west.
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We have to keep moving.
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This is nice.
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Lunch is in the open. We have to be quick. It is a feeding competition, us or them (f.. flies).
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Back down.
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Open air restrooms in Primitive Camp. No toilet paper, just flies.
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Almost back.
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We are back. Waiting, who will show next?
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Our group. Corona will make us stronger. Rob did not make it.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.2 Technical: 2.5 Scenic: 3.2 El. 2100'