Upper Coyote Canyon 6/29/2020

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After some bumpy and rugged drive we are at the trailhead.
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Perfect temperature for our ‘trail hike’.
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Intersection to Tule Spring and PCT.
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We are taking the PCT trail.
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Our first section marker is close to the trail.
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On we go to the next one.
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John-Wayne. Their names are just fine and epic.
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Still going up.
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Our final SM is from 1918.
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Angelika, Preston and Wayne. Happy picture, for now.
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After lunch group picture. Ooops it’s not perfect! Where is Matthew? Sorry.
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Since we still have some time let’s do some prom!
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Brush is not bad but that may change.
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Made it to Prom 5000’. There is also a register!
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It is green everywhere.
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Our group up here. Matthew is with John and Hesch.
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Going over some bumps. On a way down I took Angelika and Preston through some heavy brush. Another SORRY!
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We are back on PCT.
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Hersch and John are patiently waiting for us.
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Success we are all in the picture. Later we made it up to the real road without any problem.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.5 Technical: 3.8 Scenic: 3.4 El. 2000'